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About Us

Our background

Our editors have a combined total of over 100 years of literary and editing experience. We are accomplished and well-published authors ourselves and have worked for decades in editorial and teaching capacities. We all hold doctorates in literature and writing.  

Our credentials

   Sandra Mason holds a Ph.D. in English and Writing and received her editorial training as a bibliographer with The Dryden Project at UCLA. Later she worked as a copyeditor for SUNY Press and eventually taught Professional Publishing and Editing on the university level. She is an author herself, in the media of books, journals, anthologies, and newspapers, and many different venues have sought her editorial expertise as a consultant, from the New York State Court System to St. Martin’s Press to academic journals like “Mosaic” and “Theatre Survey,” where she also served as an Associate Editor. She has taught all levels of college writing since 1972 and directed countless M.A. and Ph.D. theses. Her most recent novel is ‘The Lighthouse Ghost of Yaquina Bay.” Her entire professional career has seen an immersion in writing and publishing; Turnstone Books of Oregon, LLC, is a natural extension of her dedication to excellence in presenting the written word. 

 Ruth F. Harrison, retired professor of medieval comparative literature, is author of two textbooks, five poetry collections three chapbooks; poems included in Turco's The Book of Forms (2012) and in The Lyric's children's anthology (2012). a new collection, Driving Through Thursday, is in the works even as we speak. Recent work appeared in Harp Strings, Kestrel, The Lyric, Trinacria, and many other regional, national, and international journals; in the Oregon bridges anthology; and online in Lewis Turco's Poetics and Ruminations. Her poems have won numerous awards in Formalist, NFSPS, and OPA contests. She frequently judges in regional and national contests.    

  With a BA in English from the University of Southern California and MA and PhD from UCLA, Ellen Caldwell has spent nearly forty years teaching students how to write well. Having offered courses in medieval literature, Renaissance literature, and rhetorical theory and analysis, as well as topics in popular culture, including “Shakespeare on Film,” “Is There a Doctor in the Text: Images of the Physician in American and British Fiction,” and “By Reason of Insanity: Madness and the Law in Literature,” she has taught at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN; Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, MI; and California State University, Fullerton. She has directed numerous MA theses and a dozen dissertations, but most enjoys helping students find their own arguments or their creative voice. Although she has published nearly a dozen articles in scholarly journals on topics in medieval literature and the works of Shakespeare, she is an avid reader of 19th century to contemporary detective fiction and medical mysteries.  Dr. Caldwell passed away after a long illness on August 10, 2018.  Turnstone and its editors miss her with sore hearts.

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Our Services


Submitting a manuscript

  We publish high quality literary work by mostly Pacific northwest regional authors. Send a query about submitting your manuscript. 

1. Submit an inquiry to turnstonebooks@gmail.com including a description of your manuscript (genre, length, graphics, etc.) and your back story in producing this work. Work must be original and not published elsewhere. Don’t forget your contact information. 

 2. If we give your application a green light, we assess a reading fee of $25, payable in advance by check only. Checks should be made out to Sandra Mason.   

3. If we accept your manuscript, you will need to help defray the costs of publication. Depending on manuscript type and length, this will vary from $500 minimum to $2000 or more for a longer work, depending on the amount of editing required. Costs of ISBN, submitting to contests, and charges for proof and postage will be your responsibility as well. Our rates follow the industry standard of 2¢ a word for prose and $60 an hour for poetry.   

4. Mss. should be submitted in Word in an editable attached document, 12-point type in a standard font with minimal formatting. For prose, use only a single space after a period, please. At least one-inch margins all around; double space prose, please.   

5. Turnstone Books of Oregon, LLC retains all rights of final decision-making in editorial and formatting matters.   

6. If we publish your book, we will advertise it on amazon.com and turnstonebooks.com as well as various literary bulletin boards online. We do not warehouse books or market them to book stores in general, although we will send a notice to Powell’s in Portland. You may contact your own local bookstores and supply books directly to them or through standard distributors like Ingram.   

7. You may supply art work for a cover, which we will produce for you. The book is printed through a print-on-demand service.   

8. While production timelines vary, we can generally marshal your book through the editorial process within an eight-month period.  

Editorial services

  We also offer detailed professional manuscript evaluation, perhaps leading to our publishing of your manuscript.  

 1. First send an inquiry to turnstonebooks@gmail.com with a brief description of your manuscript and the kind of assessment you would like.   

2. Depending on our backlog of projects, we will ask for your ms. in an attachment AND hard copy by mail (including payment). We will assign your ms. to one of our editors, who can, within six weeks, return to you one of the following:   

a. Narrative assessment only, with observations about strength and weaknesses of the ms., broad suggestions for revision, focus on style, diction, form, character, voice or point of view, and audience. 2¢ a word.   

b. Narrative assessment AND line-editing suggestions throughout. 3¢ a word.   

c. Opening chapter critique only, $100, up to 7,500 words, additional pages at $5 a page. Does your work get off to an effective start? Are the key elements laid out for capturing interest and setting the groundwork for the rest of the work? 


3. Cost for evaluation, payable by check to Sandra Mason in advance, is according to industry standards.